Circular Gauge ActiveX Control (MFC,VC)

Download BeauGaugeActiveXControls  


Use circular gauge ActiveX control in your MFC project

1. Control using is simple, it can be used in VC, VB, C #, Delphi, C + + Builder. BeauGaugeFree.msi should be installed before using the control.

2. Launch Visual Studio 2008.

3. New a “MFC Application” project.

4. Select “Dialog based”.

5. Right click the dialog and select “Insert ActiveX Control…” menu.

6. In “Insert ActiveX Control” dialog, select “BeauGaugeFree Control” and click “OK”.

7. Control loading is done, see as below:

8. Select “Properties” in the right-click menu of the control.

9. Properties Page.

10. The general range is 0~100, if you want to change it to 100~0, how?
Just modify the “Begin” and “Range” to 100, -100.

11. Right click the control and select “Add Variable…”.

12. Input “m_gauge1” in the “Variable name” field.

13. Change the pointer’s location.

More controls, please visit


About beaugauge

BeauGauge Instrumentation Suite is an integrated suite of virtual industrial controls, which can quickly generate various virtual industrial controls. It can be applied in simulation, science, meter, automation, industrial surveillance and other fields. The software is built with various modules and components, so the developers simply need to operate it with the mouse to configure their custom controls.
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